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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weiner and his dirty Fb messages narrated by Bill Maher and Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is one of my favorite actresses. She steals whatever scene she is in, and is especially memorable in The 40 yr old Virgin and Glee. Her facial expressions and tone of voice make this an absolute riot! Bill Maher is just as priceless and what material they have to work with !

Tracy Morgan's Faux Pas

How many of you actually think Tracy Morgan is funny? I never have. His voice is shrill and he is too crude and unsophisticated for me. He is the only actor I never laugh at on 30 Rock. I was surprised to find out he made homophobic slurs at a show, because I thought he was smarter than that! Doesn't he know that's career suicide?  An actor (Isaiah Knight) got let go from Gray's Anatomy after casting aspersions over a gay cast member (T.R. Knight) and rightly so, in my opinion. I think he should be given one more chance but have to donate 5000 to GLAAD! If something happens again, he should be terminated ! There are lots of actors who could easily replace him. I think Chris Rock would be a great choice? What about you? I also think Tina Feys statement was excellent.

Yard Sales

I love yard sales! where else can you get Seinfeld Season 4 and Resumes for Dummies for 1 apiece? The public library had a yard sale yesterday where all paperbacks were 50cents and all hdcovers and DVDS and were 1$ a piece. My sister and I also sign out DVDS all the time for free in the summer when there's nothing on tv ! Free for a week! It's a good solution when I have used up 75% of my bandwidth as is always the case when I have time off from school.

Thanks to all my new followers and I hope I will make it worth your while to follow me! I really appreciate all your feedback whether its here or on on Buzz! Have a great weekend!


  1. Tom M: The Bill Maher/Jane Lynch bit was priceless!

    Tracy Morgan sucks, and not in a good way. Ugh.

  2. Maher/Lynch was so funny. Thanks for finding this.